Beginner Projects

Displaying Text on 16x2 LCD

Using a 2x16 LCD screen to display static text or text that appears after a given time period.

Uploaded 30/08/2020

Temperature & Humidity Sensor with LCD

Using the DHT22 Sensor and a 2x16 I2C LCD screen to display the current Temperature and Humidity.

Uploaded 27/08/2020

How to Control LED Brightness

Learn how to control the brightness of an LED using a potentiometer, and the analogRead & analogWrite functions.

Uploaded 25/08/2020

Traffic Light LEDs

Simulate traffic lights using coloured LEDs and specific delays.

Uploaded 07/07/20

Touch Controlled LED

Learn how to use the touch of your finger on a conductive material to turn an LED on or off.

Uploaded 03/07/20

Button Activated LED

In this project you learn how to use a button to change the state off an LED, turning the LED on by pressing a button.

Uploaded: 10/03/2020

Blinking LED

This new project will show you how you can make your very own blinking LED circuit using an Arduino. Good for beginners

Uploaded 05/03/20