Setting Up an Email Server for React Apps with Express, Nodemailer, and Postfix

A step-by-step guide on building a React contact form with email functionality using an Express server, Nodemailer, and Postfix!
Uploaded: 19/05/23

Deploy Python Flask App on Apache2 with Mod WSGI

A step by step beginners guide to deploying a Python Flask App on Apache2 using Mod WSGI
Uploaded: 22/04/23

How Machine Learning is Changing the Software Industry

We discuss how machine learning is changing the software industry for better or worse and how you can get started with ML too
Uploaded: 17/04/23

What is Chat GPT?

A look into what Chat GPT is, how it can be used and implemented locally by enthusiasts
Uploaded: 07/01/23

Hand Trainer for Muscle Spasticity

A hand trainer system designed to improve movement in the users hand by completing different sequences of button presses.
Uploaded 24/06/21

Displaying Text on 16x2 LCD

Using a 2x16 LCD screen to display static text or text that appears after a given time period.
Uploaded 30/08/2020

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