What is Chat GPT?

A look into what Chat GPT is, how it can be used and implemented locally by enthusiasts
Uploaded: 07/01/23

Run a timed service on Linux using Systemd

How to run any systemd service as a timed service, meaning you can schedule an automate system tasks
Uploaded: 06/12/22

How to set up Testing Explorer with Python Pytest in VSCode

A guide on how to set up VSCode Test Explorer UI feature to run Python Tests with Pytest
Uploaded: 18/11/22

Run Anything as a Service on Linux

How to turn your custom python scripts or any progam really into linux services using systemctl
Uploaded: 27/09/22

Hand Trainer for Muscle Spasticity

A hand trainer system designed to improve movement in the users hand by completing different sequences of button presses.
Uploaded 24/06/21

Displaying Text on 16x2 LCD

Using a 2x16 LCD screen to display static text or text that appears after a given time period.
Uploaded 30/08/2020

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