How to turn off Broadcast Channel Notifications on Instagram

A quick and simple guide with supporting images to show you how to disable Broadcast Channel notifications on Instagram.
Uploaded: 22/09/23

How to install .deb Packages on Arch Linux: DevKinsta as an Example

Learn how to install .deb packages on Arch Linux using the debtap tool. This comprehensive guide uses DevKinsta as an example, providing step-by-step instructions including troubleshooting tips for a smooth installation experience.
Uploaded: 27/07/23

Here Lies Adobe Flash

Explore the remarkable journey of Adobe Flash, a pioneer that reshaped the internet landscape. Delve into Flash's impact on web interactivity, its struggles, and its enduring legacy.
Uploaded: 23/07/23

Using OpenAI APIs with Javascript

Explore the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 and DALL·E models through a practical example that generates creative images and captions for Instagram.
Uploaded: 08/06/23

How Virtual and Augmented reality are affecting education/training

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) are becoming increasingly popular in the field of education and training. These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to revolutionise the way we teach and learn.
Uploaded: 22/09/23

8 Reasons that Robotic Process Automation Needs to Evolve using Artificial Intelligence

RPA has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, however in order to continue delivering value to businesses in the long term, RPA needs to evolve to include artificial intelligence (AI).
Uploaded: 22/09/23

Hand Trainer for Muscle Spasticity

A hand trainer system designed to improve movement in the users hand by completing different sequences of button presses.
Uploaded 24/06/21

Displaying Text on 16x2 LCD

Using a 2x16 LCD screen to display static text or text that appears after a given time period.
Uploaded 30/08/2020

Fun for your Coffee Break

Check out one of my favourite engineering/technology podcasts below!

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