Tag: Systemd

Run a timed service on Linux using Systemd

Learn how to run timed services on Linux using systemd. Follow step-by-step instructions to create a systemd service file and timer file, specifying the command or script to run and the desired schedule. Enable and start the systemd-timer unit to automate the execution of tasks at specified intervals. Check the status of the systemd-timer unit to ensure proper functionality. Discover the power of systemd for scheduling and managing services on Linux systems.

Published: 06/12/22

Run Anything as a Service on Linux

Learn how to run anything as a service on Linux with systemctl. Discover useful commands to check the status, restart, and view logs of services. Set up your own custom Linux service by creating a service configuration file, specifying the interpreter and program to run, and defining restart behavior. Start and enable the service using systemctl commands, and ensure it is running correctly with the status check. Enhance your Linux workflow by turning scripts, programs, or servers into services for continuous operation.

Published: 27/09/22

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