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How to Install and Configure NordVPN on a Linux Server

Explore the essential guide to installing and configuring NordVPN on a Linux server. Enhance your server's security and privacy with NordVPN.

Published: 01/02/24

How to Install Yay AUR Helper on Arch Linux

Learn what Yay and the AUR is. Learn how to effortlessly install Yay and manage packages from the commmunity AUR.

Published: 26/01/24

How to install Python on Linux, Windows and MacOS

A quick guide detailing how to install Python 3 on Windows, MacOS and multiple Linux distros.

Published: 22/01/24

How to install PIP on Linux, Windows and MacOS

A quick guide detailing how to install PIP (Pythons package installer) on Windows, MacOS and multiple Linux distributions.

Published: 22/01/24

How to create a Python Virtual Environment (venv) 

Learn how to create and exit Python virtual environments on Windows and Linux with our easy guide

Published: 20/12/23

How to Set Up a Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Server on Linux 2023

Set up a dedicated Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare server on Linux with our straightforward guide.

Published: 24/11/23

How to Add Python Pip to Path

Eliminate the need to use python -m with pip commands, by adding Python Pip to your system path.

Published: 18/10/23

How to turn off Broadcast Channel Notifications on Instagram

A quick and simple guide with supporting images to show you how to disable Broadcast Channel notifications on Instagram.

Published: 22/09/23

How to install .deb Packages on Arch Linux: DevKinsta as an Example

Learn how to install .deb packages on Arch Linux using the debtap tool. With step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips.

Published: 27/07/23

Here Lies Adobe Flash

Explore the remarkable journey of Adobe Flash, a pioneer that reshaped the internet landscape.

Published: 23/07/23

Using OpenAI APIs with Javascript

Explore the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 and DALL·E models through a practical example that generates creative images and captions for Instagram. This comprehensive guide covers the capabilities of OpenAI models, dives deep into the code, discusses Instagram's rate limits, and provides a step-by-step guide on running the script. Perfect for anyone looking to leverage AI for content creation.

Published: 17/07/23

Is Python Compiled or Interpreted? Understanding Python’s Unique Process

Is Python compiled or interpreted? Discover Python's unique process that combines aspects of both compiled and interpreted languages.

Published: 08/06/23

Setting Up an Email Server for React Apps with Express, Nodemailer, and Postfix

Learn how to make a React contact form work with Postfix on your own VPS without relying on paid services like MailChimp. Our comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions to ensure secure email transmission, set up an Express server, integrate Nodemailer with Postfix, and build a fully functional contact form in React.

Published: 19/05/23

Deploy Python Flask App on Apache2 with Mod WSGI

Learn how to deploy your Python Flask app on Apache2 with Mod WSGI in this comprehensive guide. We walk you through the necessary steps, including configuring your Flask app, setting up the required packages, cloning your project repository, creating a Python virtual environment, installing app requirements, and configuring Mod WSGI for Apache2. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a fully-functional Flask app running on your Apache2 web server. Follow our step-by-step instructions and get your Flask app up and running on the internet with ease.

Published: 22/04/23

How Machine Learning is Changing the Software Industry

Discover how machine learning is transforming the software industry, improving performance, automating tasks, enhancing cybersecurity, enabling better data analysis, and enhancing user experiences. Learn about the advantages and potential challenges of ML in software development. Get started with ML by understanding the basics, practicing with datasets, using pre-built tools, participating in open-source projects, and building personal ML projects. Stay informed about the impact of ML on the software industry and its responsible and ethical use.

Published: 17/04/23

What is Chat GPT?

Discover the power of GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) in creating chatbots that can hold natural, fluid conversations. Explore the benefits and limitations of GPT-powered chatbots, including their ability to adapt to conversations in real-time and the minimal training data required. Understand the potential applications of GPT chatbots in customer service, online gaming, and therapy. Consider the pros and cons of using GPT for chatbots, including the risk of inappropriate responses and limitations in handling complex tasks. Learn about running a GPT-powered chatbot locally and find resources for getting started. Explore the ethical considerations and potential dangers associated with GPT and chatbots, such as bias in training data and misuse of the technology. Finally, marvel at the fact that this entire blog post was generated using Chat GPT.

Published: 07/01/23

Run a timed service on Linux using Systemd

Learn how to run timed services on Linux using systemd. Follow step-by-step instructions to create a systemd service file and timer file, specifying the command or script to run and the desired schedule. Enable and start the systemd-timer unit to automate the execution of tasks at specified intervals. Check the status of the systemd-timer unit to ensure proper functionality. Discover the power of systemd for scheduling and managing services on Linux systems.

Published: 06/12/22

How to set up Testing Explorer with Python Pytest in VSCode

Discover how to set up Testing Explorer with Python Pytest in VSCode. Follow step-by-step instructions to configure the Testing tab, select the Python test framework, specify the test directory, and resolve import module errors. Learn how to create a '.env' file to define the Python environment path and modify the 'settings.json' file for proper integration. Ensure your project requirements are installed locally to enable seamless test execution. With the Test Explorer, you can run and debug Python tests individually or in groups, obtaining clear pass or fail results. Improve your testing workflow in VSCode and enhance the quality of your Python code.

Published: 18/11/22

Run Anything as a Service on Linux

Learn how to run anything as a service on Linux with systemctl. Discover useful commands to check the status, restart, and view logs of services. Set up your own custom Linux service by creating a service configuration file, specifying the interpreter and program to run, and defining restart behavior. Start and enable the service using systemctl commands, and ensure it is running correctly with the status check. Enhance your Linux workflow by turning scripts, programs, or servers into services for continuous operation.

Published: 27/09/22

Monitoring Temperatures Raspberry Pi OS

Learn how to monitor temperatures on Raspberry Pi OS with a simple script. Check GPU and CPU temperatures, and use the provided script or create your own. Ensure your Raspberry Pi is running at safe temperatures by regularly checking the readings. Follow the step-by-step guide to set up the monitoring script and run it manually or continuously using the 'watch' command. Keep your Raspberry Pi cool and optimize its performance.

Published: 26/09/22

You don’t need a new computer

Discover why you don't need to invest in a new computer for coding. Learn about the real factors that impact programming productivity and performance. Compare the specifications of older laptops like the Acer Aspire 5750G with top-tier productivity laptops on the market. Understand the importance of RAM, CPU performance, and architectural differences. Hear an anecdotal account of successful programming experiences on an older laptop. Follow practical tips to extend the lifespan of your current computer and optimize its performance. Avoid falling for marketing hype and make informed decisions about upgrading or sticking with your current machine. Save money and find renewed satisfaction in your existing technology.

Published: 24/01/22

AMD Wraith Stealth VS Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo

Dive into the author's first blog post where they compare the performance of the AMD Stock Wraith Stealth CPU Cooler and the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo CPU Cooler. Explore the test results, including temperature differentials and benchmark scores obtained through Cinebench R23. Understand the design and advantages of each cooler, along with their impact on CPU performance. Discover which cooler emerges as the winner and why it may be a worthwhile investment.

Published: 11/11/21


Lost your Casio or want to double check your calculations? Check out our electronic engineering equation calculators.

Published: 27/06/21

A little about ESD

A brief explanation of what ESD is and how it can be detrimental to electronic components

Published: 21/07/20

Using LEDs in a Circuit

A brief explanation of how LEDs work and how to implement then safely in a small DC circuit. Helping you use them correctly in your microprocessor projects.

Published: 07/07/20

Ohms Law

To complete a lot of our projects, you need a basic understanding of electronics. No better place to start than Ohms law, it will guide your through your entire electronics journey.

Published: 01/07/20

Gray Code

Apart from being our site name, Gray Code is a well utilised concept in the world of 1's and 0's. Frank Gray pioneered the Gray Code system in the late 1940's.

Published: 01/07/20

Voltage and Current

A concise explanation of Voltage and Current, it a simple and understandable manner.

Published: 26/05/20

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